it bothers me that Kansas and Arkansas are not pronounced the same

I’m from the UK and I have been pronouncing Arkansas as Ar-Kansas my whole life

For all my non-american friends, Arkansas is pronounced ark-an-saw


last halloween me and ashley bought like 3-4 boxes of those cookies each and we made them for a few days in a row and then we couldnt handle then anymore and im p sure at least one box was still in the freezer till the end of the school year


“My Stand bears the Chariot Card… Silver Chariot!”

Top 9 Pictures of:

Jean Pierre Polnareff

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

my shoulder hurts rly bad i think it happened when i was demonstrating how i didnt know how to do a backstroke 

39,669 plays!



hugh dancy saying ‘wow’ - please just push play


it’s happening to me with Baldur’s gate like I LOVE THE FUCK OUT OF THAT GAME but I’m at the part full of spiders and I just no

ive never played that but i know this feel all too well

someone on my fb took a picture of the top of his bald head and i thought it was a butt cheek

why did i sart watching pitch perfect at 2am when i need to do my hair